Air Terre Mer operates under a simple mission: to discover the ideas, places and people that characterize a modern, sustainable lifestyle.  From a sleek, sun-powered home, to a minimalist running shoe or a carbon-neutral food truck, the good news is that it’s never been easier or more irresistible to connect the best elements of sustainability with our unique daily lives.  Better yet, by sharing and building on these discoveries, we can elevate our own everyday lifestyles so that they carry a lighter footprint without sacrificing far-flung adventure, brilliant style, and that certain joie de vivre.

Air Terre Mer is a glass-half-full approach to knowing your impact and favouring improvements.  It is about closed loops.  It is about quiet, coastal towns and megacity grit; about madcap DIY projects, and cooking your own food.  It is about observation, exploration and experiments.  It is about smarter transportation and silent sports.  It is about the 1 percent and the Bottom Billion.  It is an ode to refusing, reducing, repairing, reusing, recycling but mostly reimagining.  It is about micro-finance and minimalism.  It is about the belief in creativity and interconnectedness; that art, architecture and atmospheric science are allies.  It is an homage to the pale blue dot.